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The bald writer in a nutshell — my best stories so far, contact info, and giveaway.

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Hey, it’s Nabil. You’ve probably just read one of my articles, got curious about me and my content, so you clicked on my profile and here you are: looking for clues to help you decide if I’m relevant to follow. Well then, shall we?

Personal Stuff

I’m 28 years old. I’ve spent most of my time on earth pleasing everyone around me and ended-up not knowing where the heck I’m headed. Eventually, I got tired and stopped to get my sh*t together. A few things have been helping me: exercising, reading, and writing.

As I’m writing these lines, I’ve taken a break from my work as an engineer and consultant in Paris. Yes, I quit my job to devote more time to writing.

I write to structure my own ideas and confront them with yours. It helps me evaluate my current thinking patterns and get you to think with me.

I write about leading a meaningful life — whatever that is — , productivity, and marketing. I publish at least one article in each category every week.

Oh, and I love food so freaking much.

Social Media & Contact

I’m easily reachable on social media but my response-time depends on the platform. The following list is ranked according to my reactivity.

  1. Linked-In — within 12 hours
  2. Facebook — within 2 days
  3. Instagram — within 3 days or more


Since I started my journey as an entrepreneur, challenges multiplied overnight. I’ve been lucky to know a thing or two about handling crises and solving multiple problems at once.

Looking back, I figured a useful gift would be to summarize my experience in a detailed guide.

Here’s where to get it:

Well then, it’s time to make your decision: to follow or not to follow.

Business | Tech | Psychology — When I’m not reading, I’m writing — Come say hi on LinkedIn

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