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True masters are eternal students.

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Welcome to the profile of the guy who wannabe your favorite bald writer.

Nabil is a 29-year-old who lives near Paris. He loves food, decentralization, and a girl named Tina. When he’s not eating, Nabil writes a lot of crap and publishes the least crappy of it.

But wait, why…

And how you can use it to skyrocket your productivity

Victor Hugo — Wikimedia Commons.

Victor Hugo wasn’t into nudism but he wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame half-naked. In the summer of 1829, the French author promised his publisher to deliver a novel within a year. …

The only plausible explanation is a scary one

Picture from Tesla.

Tesla is not a car company. Instead, it’s “arguably the world’s biggest robotics company,” as Elon Musk said. “Our cars are semi-sentient robots on wheels.”

Every Tesla has a brain of its own, allowing it to self-drive, filter the air you breathe, protect itself from robbers, and keep your dogs…

A nuclear fusion reactor is the best shot at a sustainable future

Picture from Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell’.

If I asked you what are the most valuable currencies out there, you’d probably answer: “time and money.” But there’s a third fundamental asset, one we rarely mention because we take it for granted: energy.

Energy cooks your food, charges your devices, and flies you across the planet. In other…

Featuring the great Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Photo: Frame Kings/Pexels

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a wealthy ex-trader turned philosopher, mathematician, and best-selling author. His writing is all about uncertainty and smart risk-taking.

Since he’s allergic to intellectualized bullshit, Taleb’s tips are as practical as tips can get. …

Fearless to dream big, laser-focused on the now

Left to right: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

When people talk about Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, they often put them against each other in some (stupid) competition. Who’s richer, smarter, funnier?

Sure, those comparisons can be hella entertaining but they miss the point.

The duo has strikingly similar ways of approaching problems and making decisions, meaning there’s…

Deepfake is a terrifying sexual harassment weapon

Original photo: Sound On/Pexels

You’re probably familiar with apps like Photo Lab. You hop in, upload a selfie, then wait a few seconds only to find yourself marveling at what you’d look like in a comic book or an ancient painting.

Now picture a similar app but instead of a cute portrait, you get…

When employees feel valued, they add more value.

Dan Price and Rosita Barlow. Original picture from Facebook.

It was a regular day for Rosita Barlow until her boss walked in and noticed a training textbook on her desk. Dan immediately pulled a confused face which made Rosita’s heart jump to her throat. It was time to talk.

Turns out she had been spending every weeknight at a…

Featuring Altos Labs, the reverse-aging startup that’s dead serious about eternal youth

Jeff Bezos — Source

Space has always felt like the final frontier for humans. But after billionaire turned it into a destination for tourists, it started to appear within reach. And so, one can’t help but wonder: What’s next?

“Given our past record and our current values, humanity’s next targets are likely to be…

Revealing what I learned from 14 months in the game

A picture of a young woman with paint on her face squatting and smiling.
Original photo by Ali Pazani — Altered on Fotor

There’s a ton of intellectualized bullshit in content creation. You often hear things like “Find your Why” or “Build an authentic personal brand” or “Repeat 32 positive affirmations in front of your bathroom mirror.”

Sure, these sentences sound fancy but they lack a crucial ingredient. Practicality. Like how could you…

Nabil Alouani

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