Who is this bald dude?

Nabil is a 31-year-old Engineer (Software and Prompts for LLMs) who lives in Paris. He loves food, antifragility, and long walks.

Nabil's thinking is influenced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Daniel Kahneman, and Charlie Munger.

These three intellectual giants are practitioners who rely on trial and error to formulate and test their ideas. They write what they do, unlike many “thinkers” who never do what they write.

Speaking of “doing,” Nabil is a General Engineer who found his home in Software and Data where he helps build and supervise software products for different industries. He's also a Prompt Engineer who specializes in LLMs (he uses techniques to improve the results you get from GPT models, LlaMa, Gemini, etc.)

Previously, Nabil worked for Renault-Nissan-Mitsibushi (cars), Group ADP (the company that built two airports in Paris and others elsewhere), and RATP (Parisian metro and buses). Since 2022, Nabil has been working with the IT Department of La Poste (the French Post Office).

Right now, Nabil focuses on Machine Learning (yes, yes, including Deep Learning) because he believes it's the beating heart of today's tech.

Although Nabil could probably make a living from writing full-time, he keeps his engineering job for two reasons

1. Like his teachers, he wants to be a practitioner.

2. He doesn’t want his writing to be influenced by his income.

Wait, why the heck is he talking about himself in the third person? Because this bald dude believes good writing involves less “I” and more “You.”

What does this Nabil Alouani guy write about?

- Technology — because tech like Artificial Intelligence, Energy, and Automation are in the driver's seat of the future.

- Random topics that usually have something to do with Randomness— because randomness is both everywhere and hella fun.

Where to find Nabil's content?

Here on Medium, but my followers rarely get my stories in their feeds.

If you want to get the latest posts in your inbox, you can subscribe to my Substack here: https://nabilalouani.substack.com

You can also write me an email here: nabil@nabilalouani.com

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