Goal setting: are you doing it right?

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⏩Prologue: Where did goals come from?

Goal setting is a common practice developed by human beings for continuously evolving reasons. Originally, goals were survival-oriented. For instance, the following primal goals were and still are triggered by specific signals.

⏩ Chapter 1: Goal Standardisation

We live in an era where most of the instinct-based goals are easily fulfilled. Since you are reading this article, you should have access to the internet. Therefore, it is fairly safe to say that for you: food, water, and shelter are somewhat guaranteed. If you ate only to survive, your freezer would probably be filled with enough food to survive a couple of weeks. If you are feeling a little ill, you could see a doctor within a day. Sometimes within hours or even minutes for emergencies.

“ What is happiness?”

“ How do I find my passion?”

“ What is my purpose in life? “

“Why am I trying to achieve this and that?”

⏩ Chapter 2: The Confusion

To tackle their new concerns, humans all over the world shared their answers and experiences.

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Almost 9 freaking million results for “ How to become a millionaire through e commerce “

It all comes down a twist. Instead of adapting universal goals to our aspirations, we end up adapting ourselves to fit in the standard patterns.

Imagine that one day, just above noon, you woke up in a deserted highway. The nearest city is hundreds of miles away and no one is driving that abandoned road. Meaning: no Uber to pick you up.

⏩ Chapter 3: The Trap

Nowadays, we tend to stick to standard models and forget about creating our own “ways to do stuff” out of the existing ones.

⏩ The Finale: Unlock your GPS

Now that we understood how goal setting and achieving can get lame. It is time we do something about it.

🗝️# 1: Set self-centered goals

Self-driven goals are powerful. They are unshakable. They evolve and adapt according to one single parameter: You. Whatever happens around you, your goal remains achievable.

🗝️# 2: Use your inner beast: the subconscious mind

As Wim Hof said “your mind, out of control, is your worst enemy. However, in control, it is your greatest ally”

🗝️# 3: Give it time!

Getting fast results is one of the main characteristics of our modern societies.

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