I do believe in synchronicities.

As I went through your deep and insightful story, I couldn’t help it but recall all the amazing insights I learned about the brain, neuroplasticity and the mind and how our beliefs shape our decision-making. I’m so glad that these insights resonate with you as well Marianna.

I’ve been in my cave for the past month reflecting and writing about our instant automatic decision-making a.k.a our reaction and how to change them. My reflection boiled down to playing around our deep-seated beliefs. I think you’ll love the story when it comes out.

Thank you very much for sharing this Marianna. There’s a voice in my head that’s saying “People should know about this” and I am glad that you’re doing your part extremely well in that regard.

Keep it up with your molto bene work.

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Psychology | Business | Marketing — When I’m not reading, I’m writing

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