Law of Attraction: Explained & Hacked

A personal analysis based on a two-year-long experience and neuroscience arguments.

Our universe is full of mysteries. They remain puzzling until science explains them - Picture by Greg Rakoz

Chances are, you read my title with skepticism expecting this story to start with something likeThe Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries”.

Actually, when I first learned about this puzzling law it made me laugh. I mocked it until, one day, I experienced it.

The law of attraction brought me from barely saving 100€ per month to making 1500€ in merely six. It is not big money but, hey, it is still earning over double my monthly savings.

My experience started with an online course given by Robert T. Kiyosaki the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

I got all fired up about investing. However, I had absolutely no way in. All I could do was to meditate on it. Over time, an odd sensation settled in. I felt that somehow money was coming my way.

Last spring, I went to visit my brother for the weekend. As he was driving us to his place, we were discussing what to eat for lunch. For some reason, I said that “food service is a profitable business, I wish I could invest in one”.

He stared at me for a second then said “ Maybe you can’t do that. But you can invest with me, little brother”. It turns out that he had been running a small business for a while. He kindly suggested injecting my savings in his capital. Obviously, I went for it. Our deal consisted of equally sharing the profits and the losses.

Honestly, I truly felt that I attracted that opportunity. After all, the idea came to me through my brother.
Did I morph into a magnet for successful opportunities?

“The law of attraction is real.”

As sexy as the assumption seems, it remains an old cute interpretation entirely different from my freshly-reached conclusion:

The law of attraction is a matter of mindset-shifting. Once we concentrate our attention onto a specific goal, we increase our awarness towards it. Consequently, we notice and provoke related opportunities.

In hindsight, it is quite simple to comprehend.
You probably recall an occasion where you wanted a specific phone, you desired a particular car or maybe you were simply craving a cheesy pizza. What happens next is quite “strange”: you start seeing your tiny new obsessions everywhere.
Somehow, Tesla drivers start following you. Everyone in your circle purchases the latest iPhone. At the corner of every street you cross on the way home, there is a pizzeria.

Is the universe sending you signals?”

Truth to be told, everything was already there, to begin with.
The only thing that changed is your awareness. Whenever you are interested in something, you notice it.

The same pattern applies to conversations, internet posts, and basically anything surrounding you.
In my case, if I hadn’t been obsessed with investing I wouldn’t have brought it up as soon as the conversation with my brother started. I wouldn’t have “candidly” provoked his offer.

It goes without saying that a mystery well decoded, is a mystery half-hacked. The key factor in the law of attraction is managing our focus. The following tricks are built around the latter.

🔹 1- Set your goals & uphold them

In the quest of subjugating the law of attraction, your starting point is asking yourself:
What do I want to accomplish?

You might not have a clear vision right now. That is fine. A part of the game is figuring out the destination.

  • However, once your aspirations are clear, make sure to shape your goals according to who you are and who you aspire to become. In fact, shaping your goals to be self-centered allows you to tie them to the only thing that you have control over ; yourself.
  • Then, ensure their sustainability. You could opt for meditation, journaling or a vision board for instance. This kind of practice grants you a daily good-natured self-accountability.
    Besides, appreciating your progress is a solid source of motivation. Not to mention, it keeps you on track.

As a result, you upgrade your awareness and sharpen its capacity to spot ideas and potentials. In other words, it gets easier for your brain to navigate through all the information thrown at it every day.
Keep in mind that it is a subconscious mechanism that grows automatic by means of consistency.

🌀 If you seek more insights regarding goal-setting, you could use the link down below.

🔹 Stumble around & try new things

Remember that it is all about provoking opportunities. Trying new things is your way of exploring new possibilities. It cost me one sentence to start a business partnership.
In contrast, statistically speaking, you miss all the shots you don’t take.

Stumbling around brings on initially unnoticed opportunities

Think of it this way, in a video game, you always start wandering around exploring an unknown map. The more you explore the more quests you unlock. That’s how you level up.

🌀 Now, if you are afraid of making mistakes or looking stupid, you might find helpful insights in the embedded story below.

🔹 Change your perceptions & bend reality

In each step you take, hides an opportunity. Therefore, revaluating your perspectives is your most valuable asset.
It allows you to uncover potential openings that could bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

What appears to be an obstacle can reveal itself as an asset.

Recently, I had a conversation with a close friend of mine who wanted to switch jobs for the second time around in two years.

She was afraid that the human resources manager would not appreciate her changing jobs “so fast”. It would translate into disengagement and instability.

That is where I told her about bending reality. I suggested that she would be the one digging up the subject. She could use it as an argument instead of a weakness.

“ I am not afraid of change. Moreover, I am addicted to challenge and always seek improvement. As soon as I felt that my previous jobs were not aligned with my professional aspirations I chose to move on. I invested a year in each job where I learned valuable skills. My employers have been satisfied with my performance. I was not. I felt that my skills had been under-exploited. In that sense, I am meeting with you today with the high hopes of finding a suitable position. The perfect job for me would be paced with challenging experiences where I can constantly express my talent and fortify it.”

Would this leave any room for the human resource manager to complain?

Almost any complication could be perceived as a wave that you can surf.

🔸In Short

The law of attraction boils down to a mindset shift. The key element is paying attention to what’s happening around you. In this sense, you notice and provoke opportunities related to your objectives.

As for your awarness, you can boost it through:
Healthy goal-setting
Exploring new thing
Reexamining your perspectives constantly

Even if you can hack your way through it, don’t forget that mutating into a cosmic magnet does not happen overnight. Keep in mind that patience is also a form of action.

📚 Sources

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  • Personal experience

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