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Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT to challenge Google

According to reports from Microsoft insiders, the company plans to use ChatGPT to upgrade its search engine by March 2023.

Yes, we’re talking about Bing.

Unlike the public version of ChatGPT, the new Bing will have access to the internet in real-time. So instead of a list of links, it would provide you with human-sounding answers based on the latest information.

One can speculate Microsoft would make Bing complete its answer with relevant links, allowing users to fact-check and dive into details. Such a feature would also leave room for ads — unless Microsoft aims for a subscription model.

Microsoft is an investor in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. In 2019, Microsoft injected $1 billion into OpenAI, and rumors say they will add another $10 billion.

Fancy titles aside, Google won’t sit back and watch AI chatbots steal its clientele. According to leaked documents obtained by The New York Times, the company has already boosted its efforts in the Artificial Intelligence department.

Google expects to share new products and prototypes by May, a date at which the tech giant intends to host a conference.

Google and DeepMind launch an AI chatbot in the medical field

The problem with “general-purpose” Language Models (like ChatGPT) is accuracy. Such chatbots are optimized to give an answer that makes sense which is different from a fact-checked answer.



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