The Law of Attraction is a Scam

Here’s some basic science to prove exactly why

Nabil Alouani


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We suck at understanding complicated things and we hate to admit it because it makes us feel stupid. So we come up with simplified explanations like “the earth is the center of the universe” and “we only use 10% of our brains.”

Then, science catches up and replaces our naive assumptions with evidence-backed facts like “the earth revolves around the sun,” and “we’re using 100% of our brains — it’s just that different tasks activate different brain circuits.”

Such updates didn’t happen yet with The Law of Attraction though. Why? The famous law is at the intersection of two areas that remain obscure to our knowledge. We still don’t know much about the mind and even less about the nature of the universe.

So when someone shows up and writes some mystical bullshit about the mind and the universe, people listen. Here’s an example from an author who sold 35 million copies about the very concept I’m about to dismantle.

The Secret [of life] is the Law of Attraction.

Under the Law of Attraction, the complete order of the Universe is determined, including everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts.

Through the Law of Attraction like attracts like.

Proving the Law of Attraction to be bullshit

What pains me most is to see the Law of Attraction “explained through science.” Here’s another excerpt from the same author I mentioned above.

Under laboratory conditions, cutting edge science has confirmed that every thought is made up of energy and has its own unique frequency.

And when this energy and frequency of a single thought radiates out into the Universe, it naturally interacts with the material world.

Of course, it has long been known that matter, or physical objects, are also just packets of energy at the sub-microscopic, quantum level.

And so, as your thought radiates out, it attracts the energy and frequencies of like thoughts, like objects, and even like people, and draws those things…



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