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ChatGPT is a lot like cooking. Depending on the recipe, the same ingredients can either impress or disappoint.

Recently, a group of Github developers curated a list of prompts they use to make the best out of the AI assistant. Their “recipes” cover a wide range of tasks including job interviews, machine learning, web design, and marketing.

In theory, all you have to do is copy-paste the prompt, adjust it a bit, and press Enter. ChatGPT would then turn into an expert ready to solve many of your problems — but not all of them.

Some of the prompts don’t work as well as they sound. That’s why you’ll find below a few comments and tweaks on how to use and adapt them.

Quick tip: Open a separate ChatGPT thumbnail for each prompt — it’s the “New chat” button at the top left corner of your ChatGPT page. That way you can go back to each topic whenever you want and pick up where you left off.

Table of contents:

Career Counselor

Interviewer for a specific position

English Pronunciation Helper


Social Media Manager

AI Writing Tutor for Students


Web Design Consultant

Act as a UX/UI Developer

IT Architect

Cyber Security Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

IT Expert

Generator of Excel formulas

Personal Chef

1. Career Counselor

I want you to act as a career counselor.

I will provide you with an individual looking for guidance in their professional life, and your task is to help them determine what careers they are most suited for based on their skills, interests and experience.

[You should research the various career options available, assess the job market trends in different industries, and provide advice on which qualifications would be most useful for pursuing the desired field.]

My first request is enter the desired career path here.

Example : “I want to pivot from accounting to software engineering in 18 months.”

Original prompt contributed by: @devisasari



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